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3V Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Circuit TDA2822M

AC Neon Lamp filament or Semiconductor blown fuse Indicator

Momentary push button soft latching toggle on off switch circuit

50Hz 60Hz Frequency Generator Circuit Using Crystal Oscillator

DC Motor Clockwise Anticlockwise Control H-bridge Circuit

6V6 6J5 Class A Vacuum Tube (Valve) Amplifier Circuit

Class AB Transistor Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

CD4060 Timer Circuit 1 minute to 2 hours

Low Ripple Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Electronic Coin Toss Circuit Diagram

Power Amplifier Speaker Protection Circuit Schematic

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Electronic Circuits Diagrams and Design

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83 comments on “Diagrams
  1. yemi says:

    i need a circuit and operation of 2000w inverter.

  2. raj says:

    i just want a 1000w inverter diagram.&details of the power transfromer to construct.if any one want to help me pl send the data to (yaswanth9848@gmail.com).thank u.

  3. Dinesh Amila says:

    plz give me wireless powe send 1000m power antana

  4. santosh says:

    i want 7 segment decoder using ic 7448 circuit diagram
    plz help

  5. poutsi says:


    Please give me a circuit of magnet relay
    It is block but surface is write
    mPm 24v _~ ADT-06-SO

    from CASAGRANDE CRANE ( bored pile crane)

    Made in Italy


  6. shashanksiradhana says:

    please send me ckt diag and theory of burglar alarm ckt

  7. raja says:

    shashanksiradhana :
    please send me ckt diag and theory of burglar alarm ckt


  8. raja says:

    i have need inverter circuits with programable display.

  9. kabil says:

    sir i need disco light circuits diagram please help me&send that circuits[img]undefined[/img]

  10. GOKUL says:

    how can i transmit 8 bit digital signals over a short distance (about 75m)

  11. G.N.Reddy says:

    I need a simple electronic device circuit i.e timer for ‘On’ and ‘Off’ automatically on any voltage and it should be ‘On’ at intervals of ten minutes and the ‘On’ time required is one minute. Thank you.

  12. S.Prasanna says:

    plz give me wireless power send 100m power antana

  13. martin says:

    please send me a circuit diagram for JEC 200watts plus power amplifier CA-3130. PLEASE HELP

  14. kanishka says:

    plz give led circuit diagram……

  15. isham says:

    sir i want normal circuit diagram

  16. tmartyn says:

    i need a wiring diagram use an spdt mini 12vdc relay in a circuit

  17. karunakaran says:

    I need a circuit to control a gate automatically with wireless controller….thankyou

  18. karunakaran says:

    and also i need a circuit to trace a signal transmitting chip which is made by ourself

  19. tmartyn says:

    i figured the relay pin arrangement out…thanks anyway

  20. deyusro says:

    i need circuit diagram for alarm. sound like at train station or like seiko wall clock alarm. ting tong tong teng ….

  21. suhas says:

    i want power saver circuit diagram

  22. odetayo says:

    pls help me with ircuit diagram of inerter of 3000watts.

  23. nidhi says:


  24. vishwas says:

    i have need argently
    circuit digram of solar charge controller using microcontroller pic16f72 and lm324 and z55n mosfets 12/24 v 15Amp pls help me send me this diagram

  25. i need a power on delay circuits that i can use.

  26. Sachin says:

    Dear sir, I am Require the pl tube 36w 230v Dummeable Electronic choke Circuit Digram

  27. rodL says:

    I need to know those symbols

  28. sanjeewa says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have a 40w , 16.5 V solar panel. so i need a good battey charger, circuit for 12 v batterys .

  29. Sunusi says:

    I need a transmitter circuit diagram.

  30. Mr.Skull says:

    sir your website is so cool that i am a fan of yours and your website keep it up >>>>>>>>

  31. mizaparvez says:

    hello sir
    send me fm mic 3v wire no as L 1 fm transmitter

  32. Sarvesh says:

    Hello, Im doing my own project,LED Display digital voltmeter using ICL7107 IC so I want a ckt diagram of that particular IC so plz. plz. mail me the ckt diagram with some precautions and details. Thank you.

  33. yuniarto says:

    hello sir, i need 6,5 volts 500 mA bipolar power supply, plz help, tanks for your help

  34. ramya says:

    pls give me some circuit diagrams for ( over charge,over discharge,short circuit) of a battery 8.4v
    kindly reply me as soon as possible

  35. renz says:

    hi may i ask for ecad program for pcb design in audio circuit

  36. snehal says:

    please send me layout diagram of fm receiver using ic tda7000

  37. franklin says:

    send me the latest circuit diagram. Thanks

  38. pandi says:

    pls 100w inveter circuit and tranisformer

  39. fahim says:

    i need fm transmitter diagram

  40. Nilanka says:

    This is very useful and helpful for everyone

  41. ricky says:

    pls sent me high power 12v DC/AC inverter tnx

  42. chandra mouli says:

    i need finger print scanner circuit with all details and softwares for taking attandance of students

  43. googlepo says:

    Good article, lots of intersting things to digest. Very informative

  44. I need help. If you can, I would like a circuit diagram and parts list, and construction instructions for a vacuum tube inverter which uses no solid state devices. Thank you.

  45. steve says:

    please send diagram of auto alarm system. i am very much a beginner with big idea. the whole field is new to me and i am much excited. please help.

  46. Aneesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Pls send me 500 w inverter circuit diagram with Microcontroller.Specification include Overload protection,Short circuit protection,Over Chrging protection


  47. rokozhalie says:

    I need a good automobile battery charger, able to charge a single 6 volt lead-acid battery or (12-24-36-48) volts lead-acid batteries.
    Can someone help me with circuit diagram along with components? Also suggest where all the components can be ordered/arranged with likely cost involved.

  48. Mindo says:

    Need circuit for on/ off water pump tank if empty on ,if full is off with ic to measures the resistant between .

  49. USAMA JAVAID says:

    i want to design a high power amplifier .if any one can help me.i will be very thankful to him / her

  50. latif says:

    sir i want a transformer calculation which make easy to make my own transformer

  51. Amekor Gentile Emmanuel says:

    please i need a preamplifier for 2000w amplifier

  52. Praveen says:

    Hi i need a ckt to sense the input voltage and stepup/down the output voltage of autmatic voltage stabilizer by using of three relay.

  53. A.S.Karthikeyan says:

    hi i need a inverter circuit diagram for usnig house becouse i like to make a inverter for my house, so pl send the deetailes.

  54. A.S.Karthikeyan says:


  55. kishore says:

    i need a oscillator circuit for getting 50Hz only.

  56. athi says:

    i want clock circuit diagram (display use by LED)

  57. divya chokkalingam says:

    sir, i need to get the circuit diagram for single phase thyristor soft starter

  58. kapila subasingha says:

    i need a circuits soler power circuits

  59. rojy says:

    i need to circui diagram of automatic gain control circuit.pls fast reply. and also application of agc.

  60. russo says:

    necesito programar un circuito en cubo led 3x3x3 quien me manda la programaci├│n

  61. ipl says:

    brother tell me about where can i buy this stuff in sri lanka ? { around colombo… }

  62. joseph deyto says:

    sir good day i need AC power on delay circuit w/o using transformer..pls help…

  63. J.PAULRAJ says:

    I am calling from Coimbatore City, Tamil Nadu State, India.
    I am interested in free down-loading your electronics circuilts
    (Of course, for my personal use). Please advise me how I can
    download the circuits.


  64. sudha says:

    sir i need a idea about how to design a power failure indicator project with circuit diagram

  65. sijay kumar says:

    i want to water lavel indictor and flood ckt diagram
    please help sir

  66. i want whole list of diagram chart plz sent address.

  67. sandeep says:

    sir pls send me audio repeater 4 mic circuit in ic pt2399

  68. Good news for all electronic enthusiasts like me living in rural areas in Sri Lanka. There is a nice and friendly Sri Lankan electronic company named LankaTronics. They have a website (http://www.lankatronics.com) which I was been able to order online and items came to me in two days with highest quality. There is no need to travel to Pettah by spending lot of money especially time, it is possible to get the electronic components and modules to home.

    LankaTronics is the main component supplier for University of Moratuwa and Peradeniya now making them the market leaders in quality electronic components. Hope this will help all of you.

  69. Shahid Mahmood says:

    Dear friends ,,
    If anybody wants help about electronics or circuit diagramms plz remebre this address and pray,,,

  70. nandhini.m says:

    what is the difference between “ELECTRICAL” and “ELECTRONICS”

  71. nandhini.m says:

    SIR, I need small project in electronics circuits.
    I am I-YEAR ECE

  72. nandhini.m says:


  73. Zohaib Hassan says:

    I need pic16f877a usb programmer circuit plzzzzzz help

  74. gul says:

    please send me circuit diagram of UPS and seprate circuit of charger , inverter and chargr over circuit.
    I need it for my project. If you send me the method to how I make UPS, I am very think full to you.

  75. salmon says:

    shashanksiradhana sent me a mail to , then i can help you

  76. d.n.rathod says:

    plese give me a circuit diagram led on off

  77. Glenda Bill says:

    I need to repair a Holmes heater that is having a problem with the selector switch. Kindly help me with the circuit diagram of the 25t125 xk2 series rotary switch. You can send to billglenda2@gmail.com. Thanks

  78. Kirti Agrawal says:

    I need a proper diagram of class b amplifier with the description of operation n working.

  79. manik says:

    I want 5v 2amp current for 6v/4.5 battery pls send circuit diagram
    Pls send

  80. DURGA RAO says:


  81. DURGA RAO says:


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