2 LED CMOS Flasher Circuit Diagram

2 Two LED CMOS Flasher Circuit

Two LED CMOS Flasher Circuit Diagram

This is a simple 2 led cmos robot ( flasher, multivibrator ) circuit using CD4069 six inverter IC.

2 two LED CMOS Flasher multivibrator Circuit Diagram

R1 3.3MΩ
R2 470Ω
C1 0.1µF (104)
D1, D2 LED
IC1 CD4069

Circuit Description

cd4069 six inverter cmos ic

CD4069 six inverter CMOS IC

Inverters IC1-a and IC1-b from a multivibrator and IC1-c is a buffer. Inverter IC1-d is connected so that its output is opposite that of IC1-c; when  pin 6 is high, then pin 8 is low and vice versa. Because pins 6 and 8 are constantly changing state, first one LED and then the other is on since they are connected in reverse. The light seems to jump back and forth between the LED’s.

The R2 resistor limits LED current. Depending upon the supply voltage used, the value of the resistor may have to be changed to obtain maximum light output. To change the switching rate, change the value of capacitor.

Two LED robot multivibrator circuit Two LED Flasher Circuit Diagram

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