741 Stereo PreAmplifier Circuit Diagram

741 Stereo PreAmplifier Circuit Diagram

741 Stereo PreAmplifier Circuit Diagram

This preamp circuit provides better than 20dB gain in each channel.

741 Stereo PreAmplifier Circuit Diagram

R1 – R6 47kΩ
R7 1MΩ
R8 1MΩ
R9 2.2kΩ
R10 2.2kΩ
C1 0.1µF
C2 0.1µF
IC1, IC2 LM741

A better op-amp type will give a better noise figure and bandpass.

In this circuit the roll-off is acute at 20000 Hertz.

741 Stereo PreAmplifier Circuit 741-8-pin-ic-configurations-top-view

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9 comments on “741 Stereo PreAmplifier Circuit Diagram
  1. Ash White says:

    thanks for this.
    A couple of questions :
    1.> Can 1x 1482 OP AMP be used instead of 2x 741 OP AMPs?
    2.> What line out voltages will this produce, assuming this is used in a car with +12V power supply? Most power amps are looking for up to +5v line in signals. Want to make sure this isn’t going to blow the amp before I build.
    Many thanks

  2. NRV90 says:

    How can i control the gain of the amplifiers? I want to use a potentiometer. Which resistance would I have to replace with it?

  3. H.K. Tharindu Chathuranga says:

    I want add preamp Pls send sutable preamp circuit for you balance controll.

  4. André says:

    Bandwith? 20Hz to 20kHz? Is urgent, please reply

  5. hrishabhsuraj says:

    i think adding an 7805 bandpass filter in the circuit can reduce noise in the circuit

  6. Rira says:

    What is the output ??

    thank you ^^

  7. MICHAEL orji says:

    please sir, I what to use 4 of this preamp, how do I combine it?

  8. Hh says:

    am just near following these pages. thanks for these insights in repairs. I will share my successess and any new discoveries when find.

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