BI-Colour LED Running Lights

Bi Color LED running lights disco lights night rider

Bi colour (two colour) led disco running lights circuit

Five bi-colour LEDs are used in this circuit. These LEDs first light-up from top bottom ingreen colour one by one and then these LEDs light-up from bottom to top in red colour.

Bi-colour led running lights desco night rider 4017 circuit

R1 10kΩ
R2 680Ω
VR1 100kΩ
C1 22µF 16V
C2 0.01µF
D1-D10 1N4001 × 10
L1-L5 Bi Colour LEDs
IC1 NE555
IC2 CD4017

As IC1 provides clock pulses to the input of decade counter IC2, at each clock pulse, IC2 counts from 0 to 9.

The first five pulses reach the green anodes of the bi-colour LEDs and they light in green colour.  The next five pulses reach the red anodes of the LEDs so they light-up in red colour.

BI Colour LEDs

BI Colour LEDs

This process is continued regularly. The glowing rate of LEDs can be controlled with the help of potentiometer (VR1).

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