FET Audio Mixer and Switch Circuit Diagram

FET Audio Mixer and Switch Circuit

FET Audio Mixing and Switching Circuit Diagram

Two or more signals can be switched and /or mixed without annoying clicks by using this fet audio mixer and switch circuit.

FET Audio Mixer and Switch Circuit Diagram

R1 1MΩ
R2 47kΩ
R3 47kΩ
R4 1MΩ
R5 47kΩ
R6 47kΩ
R7 47kΩ
VR1 50kΩ
VR2 50kΩ
C1, C2, C3 4.7µF 16V
C4 100nF  (104)
C5 47nF (473)
C6 47nF (473)
Q1 BF245 or 2N3819
Q2 BF245 or 2N3819
S1, S2 Switch

Junction-FETs such as the BF245 or 2N3819 already popular in HF circuits but it can also applied to LF circuits.



You can mute these signals using S1 and S2. The circuit should mute sufficiently any audio from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

FET Audio Mixer and Switch Circuit FET Audio mixing and switching Circuit

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5 comments on “FET Audio Mixer and Switch Circuit Diagram
  1. this post is very usefull thx!

  2. tahir says:

    hello can u plz tell how i drop -9 volt using 9v bettry???
    and what type of speaker i can use as output?

  3. Electrical Enginnering Interface says:

    Thanks a lot man, by the way. Could you tell me please about input and output? What it is? Microphone Input and Speaker Output i’m right?

  4. lugano elias mwaijumba says:

    i want to know how to boost audio signal in mixer to amplifire

  5. lugano elias mwaijumba says:

    how to use resistor in audio mixer to get high signal?

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