Infrared Remote Control Tester Circuit

IR Remote Control Tester

Infrared Remote Control Tester Circuit

This is a simple circuit you can build in order to test infrared remote controls. The circuit uses an IR photo-transistor (IR1) to detect a remote control’s IR output signal.

IR Remote Control Tester Circuit

R1 10kΩ
R2 1kΩ
R3 1MΩ
VR1 1MΩ Preset
VR2 10KΩ Preset
C1 0.01µF (103)
C2 1µF 16V
C3 10µF 16V
C4 220µF 16V
IR1 Infrared Photo-Transistor
LS1 8Ω 0.5W Small Speaker
IC1 LM741
IC2 LM386

This circuit is designed to  demodulate amplitude-modulated (AM) IR light beams will drive a speaker.





LM741 is amplified the IR1 signal and LM386 is driven the speaker.

VR1 is used to control sensitivity and VR2 is used to control the volume of speaker (LS1)

The Speaker  will sound when any of the Remote-Control pushbuttons will be pressed.

This circuit tests consumer electronic hand held remote controls such as those used by TVs, VCRs, DVD players and more.

IR Remote Control Tester IR Remote Control Tester

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