Sensitive RF Voltmeter Probe

Sensitive RF Voltmeter Probe

Sensitive RF Voltmeter Probe Circuit

This Circuit measures RF voltages beyond 200MHz and up to about 5V.

Sensitive RF Voltmeter Probe Circuit diagram

R1 4.7MΩ
R2 1MΩ
R3 1MΩ
R4 100kΩ
R5 330Ω
R6 10kΩ
R7 10kΩ
VR1 2kΩ
VR2 2kΩ
C1 0.001µF (Disc Ceramic)
C2 0.001µF(Disc Ceramic)
C3 0.01µF
D1 1N914
Q1 2N3819, 2N5459, MPF102
M1 100µA
S1 Switch
BT1 9V Battery

The Diode should be mounted in a remote probe, close to the probe tip. Sensitivity is excellent and voltage less than 1V peak can be easily measured. The unit can be calibrated by connecting the input to a known level of RF voltage, such as a calibrated signal generator, and setting the calibrate control.

VR1 =For  Calibrate

VR2 = For Zero set

MPF102 n-channel  JFET VHF Amplifier pin configuration

MPF102 N-Channel JFET VHF Amplifier Pin Configuration

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