STK 4192 Power Amplifier

STK4192 Amplifier

STK 4192 Power Amplifier Circuit


AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply)
(50W + 50W min, THD = 0.4%)

• The STK4102II series (STK4192II) and STK4101V
series (high-grade type) are pin-compatible in the output
range of 6W to 50W and enable easy design.
• Small-sized package whose pin assignment is the same
as that of the STK4101II series
• Built-in muting circuit to cut off various kinds of pop
• Greatly reduced heat sink due to substrate temperature
125°C guaranteed
• Excellent cost performance

stk4192 stereo  power amplifier circuit diagram

R1 56KΩ
R2 56KΩ
R3 1KΩ
R4 1KΩ
R5 560Ω
R6 560Ω
R7 100Ω
R8 100Ω
R9 56KΩ
R10 56KΩ
R11 3.3KΩ
R12 3.3KΩ
R13 3.3KΩ 0.5W
R14 3.3KΩ 0.5W
R15 4.7Ω
R16 4.7Ω
R17 1KΩ 0.5W
R18 1KΩ 0.5W
C1 400pF
C2 400pF
C3 2.2µF
C4 2.2µF
C5 100µF
C6 100µF
C7 0.1µF
C8 0.1µF
C9 10µF
C10 10µF
C11 47µF
C12 47µF
C13 100µF
C14 10µF
RL1 100W 8Ω
RL2 100W 8Ω

Power Supply

stk amplifier circuits power supply

D1 5A Diode
D2 5A Diode
D3 5A Diode
D4 5A Diode
R1 500Ω 2W
R2 500Ω 2W
C1 10000µF 63V
C2 10000µF 63V
T1 32-0-32 Volts 5 Amps Transformer

STK4192II stereo amplifier ic

STK4192II stereo amplifier IC


Maximum supply voltage (Vcc max) ±52.5V

Recommended supply voltage (Vcc) ±35V

Recommended Load resistance (RL) 8Ω

Typical Muting voltage  –5V (Min: –2, max: –10)

Input impedance (Conditions: Output power 1W, Frequency 1kHz) 55 kΩ

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  1. most powerfull stk says:

    wich is the most powerfull stk

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    This Is Good

  4. kutti says:

    hello sir,send me connection details for stk4192.

  5. André says:

    Were can i put the potenciometre (volume Changer)

  6. Sandeep Mittal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Where can i purchase this fully ready circuit in Mumbai?

  7. E.V.GIRISH says:

    Dear sir,
    Required STK basied high power sound sysstem maximum 10k watts

  8. sifuconman says:

    Hi Sir,

    Can I replace the STK4192-2 with STK 4191 Mark 2 ?

    What are the differences between these two IC ?


  9. Ben kpokpontor says:

    i will like you know more about this your website i ‘m a repairer in Accra Ghana i hope to know more about circuit principle diagram of stk power AMPLIFIER

  10. kimoalonso says:

    where I have to put the potentiometer,thanks

  11. sarath says:

    use dual 47k pot on L/R i/p…njoy

  12. shashi munde says:

    where can I purchase e this fully ready circuit in Mumbai?

    thanks & regards,

  13. ram says:

    i want the full set of circuit board ,please help me

  14. a. chowdhury says:

    i need a detailed circuit diagram of audio amplifier using STK 4392 including pre-amp stage [vol., bass & treble + balance control] + p.s. unit.

  15. sathyaprabahar says:

    waw nice

  16. shravanth says:

    please any one send me pcb layout for this amp

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    tendran el circuito impreso

  18. stephane says:

    can someone help me with the pcb please

  19. m.manikandan says:

    subwoofer get vibrating when increasing volume

  20. Odes says:

    Does anyone have a circuit for the STK407 050E amplifier? It has 15 pins. thanks

  21. suria says:

    i want full set how?

  22. bj says:

    how can i use stk in car?pls help me…..

    • Gowrisankar.M says:

      most of the car battery voltage is 12v dc so u can use inverter(UPS) then by using step down transformer high voltage is stepped down and rectified as dual dc voltage and you can use for your stk amplifier.stk 4129 & stk 4191 also sounds well in 24v.

  23. Bego says:

    on first image is the ic cooler small?

  24. shahin - m says:

    thank you .
    i want to make a power full speaker for my home . im from iran . help me please.

  25. LAKMAL says:


  26. jubayer says:

    IS it mendatory to place R1 and R2? if i use 100nf capacitor in replace of R1 and R2 is there are any problem in powersupply? plz ans as soon as possible.

  27. manivannan says:

    Sandeep Mittal :Dear Sir,Where can i purchase this fully ready circuit in Mumbai?RegardsSandeep

  28. manivannan says:

    STK 4192 curcute bord

  29. Vasanth Kumar says:

    kimoalonso :where I have to put the potentiometer,thanks

  30. Vasanth Kumar says:

    Hi Want this ready assembled STK4192 II power Applifier boards, Can you let me know where it is available and how to purchase.

  31. Awuah Ebenezer says:

    please sir how can I repair my stk4192II

  32. Awuah Ebenezer says:

    how do I repair my stk4192II

  33. Kushan Singh says:

    Hi Sir,
    Can we Use STK on 12 Vold DC Power supply.

  34. uday says:

    from where we can purchase it in india….. the whole board. with stk 4192

  35. siva says:

    I want that board sir where I buy that plz cl me

  36. Ananth says:

    Hi hellow thanks to your help

  37. eze says:

    pls what are the volts of the C1-C14 of the part list

  38. uday says:

    from where, we can purchase it in INDIA ? full PCB board with STK 4192
    please tell as soon as possible

  39. khan lwanga says:

    send me that circuit daigram on my email

  40. pappu says:

    Dear Sir,
    Where can i purchase this fully ready circuit in propor buldana dist.

  41. Sunil says:

    I need an STK 4191 and RSN 3305. What are the prices and where can I get them in Mumbai?

  42. jackson says:

    stk power amplyfire gives good ,qaulity sound..what are the trouble shooting of this ics.

  43. Chinn says:

    Hey can i get its pcb layout i have all of the components but can’t solder them to prefboards so i just want to solder them on pcb please help me

  44. zamfirel says:

    super tare nici numi trebue mai mult cu o mica modificare il duci la 80wati

  45. Emmanuel says:

    can my circuit work if i use a 12v-0-12v centre tap transformer………can i use a cooling fan instead of a heatsink for ice cooling?

    • Gowrisankar.M says:


  46. kalyan krishnan. says:

    Hello sir,

    What are the STKs are suitable on same PCB configuration of STK4141-mark2,and also mention those STKS wattage and applied votage.

  47. shanmuga says:

    sir i want 24v-0-24v 7amp transformer rectfier circuit diode and capacitor value

  48. ijin says:

    sir how get accurate bass what value components are used in input side.bcz if i raise volume speaker was vibrating

  49. Ronaldo Ferrer says:

    Sir may i know the 12 role value, did you used RELEH820F24C for the speaker protector?

  50. manoj kumar roy says:

    Hi Want this ready assembled STK4192 II power Applifier boards, Can you let me know where it is available and how to purchase.

  51. HK says:

    I hv STK4201ii IC baord.. but it not working.. I want to make my own home amp.
    I hv made new circuit.. but there is something missing…
    can U help me….??

  52. BS.KUMAR says:

    iam new amp 5.1 HOME AUDIO CLL OF YOU

  53. sanjay chauhan says:

    i am interested in it …from where can i get it


    sanjay chauhan

  54. dhanasekaran n says:

    dear sir, can we get pcb and original stk ic.if it is so pls give details

  55. thofe says:

    hi anybody answer to how to convert stk4192ii into mono 100w for subwoofer


    Where will I get this IC and assembly kit in Tamilnadu / chennai

  57. SHABANI JUMA says:

    Circuit board for Stk 4301 diagram. (pbc power amp.Im from kenya.

  58. Joshua says:

    which capacitor can I use to replace 400pf in the circuit please

  59. Siva says:

    I want pcb diagram of please send me

  60. Elvis says:

    Sir, i have a circuit that require a +35VDC and -35VDC with the center tap ground. but the only power i have is a +35VDC with Ground. How can i convert this power to the required +&-35VDC.

  61. Sam says:

    Sir can i use stk 4122ii in this circuit

  62. dominic says:

    where can i buy this!

  63. very useful could be my reference

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