STK 4192 Power Amplifier

STK4192 Amplifier

STK 4192 Power Amplifier Circuit


AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply)
(50W + 50W min, THD = 0.4%)

• The STK4102II series (STK4192II) and STK4101V
series (high-grade type) are pin-compatible in the output
range of 6W to 50W and enable easy design.
• Small-sized package whose pin assignment is the same
as that of the STK4101II series
• Built-in muting circuit to cut off various kinds of pop
• Greatly reduced heat sink due to substrate temperature
125°C guaranteed
• Excellent cost performance

stk4192 stereo  power amplifier circuit diagram

R1 56KΩ
R2 56KΩ
R3 1KΩ
R4 1KΩ
R5 560Ω
R6 560Ω
R7 100Ω
R8 100Ω
R9 56KΩ
R10 56KΩ
R11 3.3KΩ
R12 3.3KΩ
R13 3.3KΩ 0.5W
R14 3.3KΩ 0.5W
R15 4.7Ω
R16 4.7Ω
R17 1KΩ 0.5W
R18 1KΩ 0.5W
C1 400pF
C2 400pF
C3 2.2µF
C4 2.2µF
C5 100µF
C6 100µF
C7 0.1µF
C8 0.1µF
C9 10µF
C10 10µF
C11 47µF
C12 47µF
C13 100µF
C14 10µF
RL1 100W 8Ω
RL2 100W 8Ω

Power Supply

stk amplifier circuits power supply

D1 5A Diode
D2 5A Diode
D3 5A Diode
D4 5A Diode
R1 500Ω 2W
R2 500Ω 2W
C1 10000µF 63V
C2 10000µF 63V
T1 32-0-32 Volts 5 Amps Transformer

STK4192II stereo amplifier ic

STK4192II stereo amplifier IC


Maximum supply voltage (Vcc max) ±52.5V

Recommended supply voltage (Vcc) ±35V

Recommended Load resistance (RL) 8Ω

Typical Muting voltage  –5V (Min: –2, max: –10)

Input impedance (Conditions: Output power 1W, Frequency 1kHz) 55 kΩ

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  1. kimoalonso says:

    where I have to put the potentiometer,thanks

  2. Ben kpokpontor says:

    i will like you know more about this your website i ‘m a repairer in Accra Ghana i hope to know more about circuit principle diagram of stk power AMPLIFIER

  3. sifuconman says:

    Hi Sir,

    Can I replace the STK4192-2 with STK 4191 Mark 2 ?

    What are the differences between these two IC ?


  4. E.V.GIRISH says:

    Dear sir,
    Required STK basied high power sound sysstem maximum 10k watts

  5. Sandeep Mittal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Where can i purchase this fully ready circuit in Mumbai?

  6. André says:

    Were can i put the potenciometre (volume Changer)

  7. kutti says:

    hello sir,send me connection details for stk4192.

    • Ravindra says:

      STK4192II Connection Details [img][/img]

  8. Chathruanga says:

    This Is Good

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