12W Amplifier Using 741 Op Amp


12W Amplifier Circuit Using 741 Op Amp

A 12 watt audio amplifier operating on a dual symmetrical supply of ± 12 volts. The 741 provides the required gain while the speaker drive is provided by the complementary Darlingtons T1, T2 and T3, T4.

12w amplifier circuit using 741 Op amp IC

R1 10KΩ
R2 4.7KΩ
R3 270KΩ
R4 1KΩ
R5 1KΩ
R6 47Ω 1W
C1 50 Pf
C2 0.01 µF
T1 BC178
T2 2N6107
T3 AC108
T4 2N5294
IC LM741
LS1 50W 4Ω

The input signals for the darlingtons are derived from the supply current of the 741. Since R6 is connected to the ground, the positive or negative signal currents also pass through R4 or R5. The voltage drop across these resistors serves as the input signal to the transistor pairs. An overall dc negative feedback from the common collector junction of T2 and T4 stabilises the dc conditions of the circuit and keeps the junction point at zero volts. Hence, no coupling capacitor is required for the speaker.

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24 comments on “12W Amplifier Using 741 Op Amp
  1. sanoj says:

    will this work??…

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  9. vikas dabas says:

    Bhai (bro I need circuit for earphone amplifier using 741 or 3140 op-amp.

  10. real says:

    thx very much.god bless you

  11. romil says:

    this ckt is with 12 v vcc
    but i want to use mobile battery of 3.7v insted of 12v
    plz help

  12. faisal says:

    i have made this circuit,the only problem i faced is to find transistors in pakistan other then that the cct workes if i apply vin 2v it amplifies up to 10.5 v with a lot of noise thats the only problem other wise i works great.

  13. Sadi says:

    How many amps consumed?

  14. Brandon says:

    Hi what is the maximum current drawn at the extreme points please?

  15. Renato Aloi says:

    Beautifull job indeed! Thanks for the post! Could I have TIP102/107 instead of darlingtons you have on your project? Any design considerations? Thanks! (sorry about my bad english. I am brazilian) Renato

  16. rabz says:

    R3 and C1 acts as feed back circuit or for any other purpose????

  17. fizza says:

    plz tell the alternates of t3 and t4

  18. مهندس حسین عظیمی says:

    ممنون از سایت جالبتون

  19. Abody says:

    thats good and thank you …
    Bat i think TDA2003 its mor useful ..
    Thank you very much Ravindra .

  20. abdelrahman says:

    it dosnt work
    please i need help

  21. Bharath says:

    Wow it works well and good. Thanks guys.

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