Accurate 1 kHz Square Wave Crystal Oscillator Circuit

 Accurate 1 kHz Crystal Oscillator Circuit Diagram 1khz cd4060 hfe4060

Accurate 1 kilohertz square wave frequency generator schematic

This is a simple, accurate 1 kHz square wave crystal oscillator circuit using frequency divider IC and crystal.

1kHz Circuit

C1 22pF  ceramic
C2 22pF ceramic
C3 0.1µF mylar
R1 10MΩ ¼W
R2 220Ω 100Ω ¼W (R2 change to 100Ω because sometime circuit fail to oscillate)
XTAL 8.192MHz crystal
IC1 CD4060


Our circuit uses a CD4060 ripple carry binary counter to divide the crystal frequency. In this circuit pulses at IC1 pin 2 (Q13) divide by 213=8192. When we use 8.192MHz crystal we can get 1kHz square wave frequency output.


R1 acts as bias resistor. R2 acts as a current limiting resistor.

1kHz oscillator circuit output waveform

1 kHz oscillator circuit output waveform

CD4060 pinout

CD4060 pin configuration

CD4060 contains oscillator or astable  stage followed by a 14 stage binary counter/divider.

Above circuit works between 5v to 15v.

UPDATE: (09/08/2018)
Please increase supply voltage between 10V to 15V, If circuit fail to oscillate.

1 kHz Crystal Oscillator Circuit CD4060 1khz square wave frequency generator 1 khz square wave generator hfe4060

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