CXA1019 FM Radio Circuit Diagram

sony cxa 1019s radio


CXA1019 is a one-chip FM/AM radio IC designed for radio-cassette tape recorders and headphone tape recorders, and CXA1019S has the following functions.

CXA1019 Features

  • Small number of peripheral components.
  • Low current consumption (Vcc=3V)
    For FM: I0=5.3 mA (Typ.)
  • Large output of AF amplifier.
    Vcc=6V, EIAJ output=500mW (Typ.) when load impedance 8Ω.

Functions FM section

  • RF amplifier, Mixer and OSC (incorporating AFC variable capacitor).
  • IF amplifier
  • Quadrature detection
  • Tuning LED driver

CXA1019 Structure

  • Bipolar silicon monolithic IC

cxa1019s ic fm radio circuit diagram, cxa1019, cxa

R1 100KΩ
R2 2.2KΩ
VR1 50KΩ Volume Control
D1 Red Colour LED (Tuning Indicator)
C1 15pF
C2 4.7µF
C3 4pF
C4 0.02µF
C5 22pF
C6 20pF
C7 100pF
C8 22pF
C9 0.01µF
C10 220µF
C11 4.7µF
C12 10µF
C13 1µF
C14 0.27µF
C15 1000pF
C16 100µF
C17 0.1µF
C18 100µF
FM T/C FM Tuning Capacitor (15-30pF)
IF Orange Colour FM IF Transformer
CF1 10.7 MHz FM Ceramic Filter
L1 2¾ (2.75) Turns of 22 swg enamelled copper wire close-wound on a 5mm diameter.
L2 3¾ (3.75) Turns of 22 swg enamelled copper wire close-wound on a 5mm diameter.
Aerial Telescopic Aerial OR 100cm Circuit Wire
SP 2W 8Ω Speaker
IC CXA1019 s


Block diagram

Block diagram


FM Tuning Capacitor with AM FM Tuning Capacitor (15pf-40pf) with AM
In this circuit diagram we have mention about FM tuning side only.When we assemble the Tuning Capacitor, we must be careful to select correct  side of  tuning capacitor.Normally in the FM side of the tuner middle pin and other  pin capacitance will be nearly 15pF  to 40pF.
Middle pins: B and F, FM side:A,B, C  in this photo.
FM Ceramic Filter 10.7 MHz

10.7 MHz Ceramic Filter


cxa 1019 fm radio tuning coil L1 cxa 1019 fm radio tuning coil L2
2¾ (2.75) Turns of 22 swg enamelled copper wire close-wound on a 5mm diameter. 3¾ (3.75) Turns of 22 swg enamelled copper wire close-wound on a 5mm diameter.

IF Transformer

Orange Colour FM IF Transformer top IF Transformer fm radio if transformer 5 pin
1 and 3 pins used to  this circuit.



cxa 1019 PCB Design, pattern diagram
cxa 1019s parts arrangement diagram
width=7.95 cm
Height=4.90 cm

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32 comments on “CXA1019 FM Radio Circuit Diagram
  1. seetharaman says:

    If somebody wants sony doc pl ref following site

  2. kensou,sei says:

    it is ok just simple to adjust the design
    on the if it is copied

  3. Nichole says:

    The Diagram So Very Nice !
    thanks ! ! !

  4. ISHUZA says:

    I’m very interested with this design can I order the materials from your through western union money transfer and get them so that I may real experience it?
    please if ok let me know.

  5. radio jock says:

    is there any specification for IF transformer ?? shopkeeper doesn’t understand ORANGE color….

  6. Rajeen says:

    If you can’t find out IF Transformer, replace 10.7 two pin ceramic filter. Audio output will increase and tuning part become easy. Good Luck !

  7. Mina says:

    please if i need to suimulate this this circuit on orcad how could i find CXA1019s or FM Tuning Capacitor

  8. Sreerag says:

    Nice presentation!
    CXA1619BS is a powerful IC.
    please post am AM/MW reciever (only AM) diagram with bar antenna.

  9. shimizudani says:

    nice diagram…

    can you provide also the am/fm radio circuit??

  10. shimizudani says:

    can i ask what is a simulator program that you used in trying this circuit… i try using the tinycad but i don’t
    see some items listed…

  11. anonymous says:

    can i use red if transformer instead?what are other alternatives if orange if transformer is not available?

  12. fatmaa amen says:

    please i need the data sheet of cxa1019s whigh in the wirless alarm car circit which is

  13. amith says:

    very good performance

  14. Gobinathan says:

    Super presentation

  15. Alisa says:

    Hello, can any one tell me plz, how to identify diodes?

  16. n.saravanan says:

    hai i ask one doubt if cxa1619 is similar to cxa1019 please reply to me
    thanks and regards,

  17. deepak madhavi says:

    ic cax1619 pin 14 fm Receivercircuit diagram

  18. Joe Perkins says:

    The discriminator transformer is of the “quadrature” type. In this application it is the same as the Xicon 42IF124 (approximately 4.5uH in parallel with a 51PF capacitor. The ceramic discriminator (LT10.7) will give greater volume and reduce adjustments but at slightly higher distortion.

  19. Roshan says:

    please give me CXA 1019P circuit

  20. hariharamurthy says:

    very very nice sir,
    please send CXA1019 FM RADIO components with pcb & diagram.
    my address
    # 89, 3rd main, 8th cross, ” I ” block, Ramakrishnanagara-570022, Mysuru, Karnataka,India

  21. ANCHIT SINHA says:


  22. Basudev says:

    Can I Make FM Transmitter USING Sony CXA10198. Do You Know IC PIN Name Please Reply.

  23. Cxa1019 is no longer producted but you can find IT by China In `verygood quality`with thumb face at bottom. Now u can find 1238 n1619.Look at datasheet compare it n u Will never ask again. These for 10 years children. For your project should use transistor all, make IT very sensitive. Nggih mas.

  24. Sabyasachi maji says:

    If i will use same inductance (both 3.75 turns) and same pf (C5 and C6) what will be the problem ?

  25. Saeed Mahdavi asl says:

    Hi dear sir
    I have made the radio exactly according to your schematic but it has only the hiss sound. The only difference is using two 20 pf variable caps with two pins instead of one with three pins. Now what should i do to make it work?

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