Electronic Multi-way Switch

electronic multi-way switch

This circuit can be used for staircase lights or for any deviced which may require to be controlled from several different locations.

Electronic Multi way Switch circuitNOTE:

  • 12 volts positive line connect to R2 and RL1 common line, Other to GND line.
R1 1.4K
R2 100Ω 0.5W
R3 10Ω 1W
VR1 100Ω  Preset
D1 IN4001
Z1 5V 0.5W zener
RL1 12V 200Ω
IC 7493
T1 SL100

IC 7493 is wired as a bistable multivibrator here.Transistor T1 (SL100 or AC127) acts as a switch for the load.

When there is a current to the base of T1, it will conduct and activate the relay which can be a 12V, 200-ohm or 9V 200-ohm type.

VR1 is adjusted to get exact 5V at pin 5 of IC 7493.

Any number of push button switches can be connected in parallel to points X and Y.By just pressing any of these switches, the circuit works and the relay operates. The lamp will glow to confirm the switching.

When any of the parallel switches is pressed once again it will switch off the supply to the lamp automatically.

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