Low Ripple Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Low Ripple Power Supply Circuit

Low Ripple Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

This circuit may be used where a high current is required with a low ripple voltage (such as in a high powered class AB amplifier when high quality reproduction is necessary ).

Low Ripple Power Supply Circuit Diagram

R1 2.2KΩ 1W
R2 56Ω 1W
R3 1oKΩ 1W
C1 1000µF 63V
C2 100µF 50V
C3 470µF 50V
D1, D2, D3, D4 6A Bridge Rectifier
D5 500mA Zener Diode (see description)
Q1 2N3055
Q2 2N3054

Q1, Q2, and R2 may be regarded as a power darlington transistor. D5 and R1 provide a reference voltage at the base of Q1. D5 should be chosen thus:

C2 can be chosen for the degree of smoothness as its value is effectively multiplied by the combined gains of Q1/Q2, if 100µF is chosen for C2, assuming minimum hef for Q1 and Q2,



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11 comments on “Low Ripple Power Supply Circuit Diagram
  1. ranjan kumar banik says:

    pls give me full diagream and write some details by that circuits and give it free or trayel varson.
    thank u

  2. Mike says:

    does it works @ 24v power supply?

  3. krishna says:

    please gv information of bridge rectifier diodes

  4. usman says:

    a transformer that converts 220v Ac to 12v Ac then rectifying circuit and then all the above elements , but the output voltage gets around 1.98v – 2v (tried every possible value for zener) , but if i do not use the transfomer part then i get 220v Ac to bridge ,which obviously would cause me to need power diodes of huge ratings and thus having a huge size ,(leaving heat losses and other things apart)… please let me know if u can help me get 12-30v Dc with input of around 12v 2A

    i would like to attach the simulink file here but i dont know how to..

    will wait for your reply

  5. Emmanuel Darko says:

    emmanuel darko is big electronic personal in Ghana, and he is ready to learn to the top.

  6. Radu Marin says:

    It’s very good to supply an power amplifier, because the capacitor it have high voltage.

  7. Madhavi says:

    Good circuit and well explained. Thanks for sharing.

  8. francisco says:

    can i use this for 12V 12A transformer….?

    • AKI says:

      Yes 12V 12A transformer can be used. D1-D4 should be able to handle that load current. C1 should be 470uF to 1000uF per Amp of load current. Insert a fuse of 1.5 times load current after C1 before R1. Transistor Q1 should be be mounted on a thick heat-sink tightly. Always best to use D5 voltage and output voltage such that the difference of unregulated voltage at C1 to output voltage is closer to about 3V – to keep the losses minimum.

  9. Md. Azizul Hakim says:

    Actually I have builded in this circuit.I could not get one matter. How much is this circuit have to output voltage. If i used zener diode voltage 6.2V then will i get output voltage 6.2V or 12.4.can you tell me of discribe in this circuits. plsssssssssssssssssssssssss

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