TDA2004 Car Stereo Amplifier Circuit

TDA2004 Car Stereo Amplifier

TDA2004 Car Battery 12W Stereo Amplifier Circuit

Its main features are :
Low distortion.
Low noise.
High reliability of the chip and of the package with additional safety during operation thanks to protections against :


Space and cost saving : very low number of external components,very simple mounting system with no electrical isolation between the package and the heatsink.

The TDA2004A is a class B dual audio power amplifier in MULTIWATT package specifically designed for car radio applications. If your car radio is damaged and can’t be repaired you could look at getting discount for your next stereo system by looking at discount sites like PromoCodeWatch for example.

tda2004 car battery stereo amplifier circuit

R1 1?
R2 1?
R3 1.2k?
R4 1.2k?
R5 3.3?
R6 3.3?
R7 120k?
C1 2200µF 16V
C2 2200µF 16V
C3 100µF 16V
C4 100µF 16V
C5 100nF (104)
C6 100nF (104)
C7 220µF 16V
C8 220µF 16V
C9 2.2µF 16V
C10 2.2µF 16V
C11 100nF (104)
C12 470µF 25V
C13 10µF 16V
LS1, LS2 4? 10W speaker
IC1 TDA2004

With the component values shown and with a supply voltage of 14.4V (a fully charged car battery), the stereo amplifier is capable of delivering a power output of at least 6W, typically 6.5W with a load impedance of 4?. It can also handle a load impedance of 2?, in which case the output power is a minimum of 9W, but typically 10W. Power outputs of this order are subject to about 10% distortion, however, if lower power outputs are acceptable, 4W with a load impedance 4? or 6W with a load impedance of 2?, distortion is only in the order of 0.3%.

The voltage gain of the left-hand channel is determined by the ratio of R3 to R5, and that of the right-hand channel by the ratio of R4 to R6. With the values given, this will be 50dB. Therefore, a signal of 50mV is required at the input to give the maximum output. If this input sensitivity is too great, a 50k? stereo potentiometer can be included at the input. The impedance of non-inverting amplifier input is minimally 100k?.

TDA2004 PIN Configuration Top View

The network consisting of resistor R1 and capacitor C5 (and R2, C6) is included to prevent the amplifier oscillating at high input frequencies. The bandwidth of the circuit is more than adequate for use as a car radio amplifier. The frequency response of amplifier is 40Hz to 16kHz (3dB points).

The IC must be kept sufficiently cool. The thermal resistance of the heatsink should be at least 4°C/W.

TDA2004 Amplifier Car Stereo Amplifier

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