Tone Control


Bass Treble Tone Control  Circuit

A preamplifier circuit providing independent Bass and Treble tone controls is shown in this circuit. The circuit is basically an inverting type amplifier operating on a single supply.

tone control using 741 ic

R1 100K LOG
R2 10 K
R3 100K LIN
R4 10K
R5 10K
R6 3.3K
R7 100K LIN
R8 47K
R9 68K
R10 22K
C1 1 µF
C2 0.03 µF
C3 0.03 µF
C4 0.003µF
C5 0.003µF
C6 50µF
IC1 LM 741

The tone control network is inserted in the negative feedback path. It provides 15dB of Bass and Treble cut and boost with respect to the gain at the mid-frequency of 1000Hz. The output can be either ac or dc coupled to the next stage.

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  2. Ramdas says:

    Dear Sir..

    I need the assembled PCB of Tone control using IC741

    With regards

  3. peep says:

    thanks for sharing this!however,where can i put the volume pot? i really need your reply asap..thanks!

  4. halim says:

    nada bass nya mantap ga?

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