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PIC Software, PCB designer, Circuit designer, Microchip, IC programmer, Electrical and Electronic design software, Component calculator, Printed Circuit Board CAD software, Analysis, Simulator, Drawing tools, Compiler, Tester AND More Software… (shareware and freeware) For Windows, Linux (Open Source) and Apple MAC computers To design circuits without the time, cost and risk.

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Electrical And Electronic Circuit Software (shareware and freeware), Tools, Designer, calculator, …

For Download Electronic, Electrical Circuits Software, PIC, PCB Designer, Calculator, Tools, Programmer, Compiler, Simulator …

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48 comments on “Software
  1. prida ion says:

    I lke the elctronic circuit!!

  2. ali says:

    protel prutes

  3. mehmet salih says:


  4. chrisc says:

    A few more useful software packages:



    Would you please send me free software pcb designer.
    Best regards

  6. famous says:

    send me the software

  7. Pasha says:

    Thank you for your work.
    As far as I can see you site gains greate deal of popularity.I wish you all the best.
    Where is a DOWNLOAD BUTTON?

  8. chopra says:

    plz provide us pdf file as well as pcb layout of these circuits

  9. vijay lashkari says:

    thanks a lot electronicecircuits excellent software

  10. luul kidane says:

    hi i am luul kidane from Eritrea happy x mass and happy new year your web site is very interest form us because we are a students in electrical and electronics engineering’s. 5th year so we are preparing for final year we need support from you software’s and to use your web site in free.

  11. Lokesh says:

    Hey i need the software. Where is the download button?

  12. anukul says:

    pcb design

  13. wimansa says:


  14. valdir alves de freitas says:

    perciso de informaçao

  15. River says:


  16. Guillermo says:

    Agradezco su valiosa ayuda

  17. issa says:

    this is nice web

  18. Achala says:

    I would like to know if you have a lamp dimmer circuit which dimms the lamp gradually until it’s totally off (when the lamp is switched off) no manual dimming required a simple on/off switch will do


  19. nagaraj says:

    i need the circuit of sony handycam charger pls post it

  20. sujit chatterjee says:

    very use ful and good sight

  21. kamal says:

    verry good work and nice

  22. mgmgthae says:

    I am Myanmar
    This is website
    I thank you!
    Very Very good

  23. abd1000 says:

    Would you please send me free Electronic, Electrical Circuits software

  24. esuwa gladdy garba says:

    this great site andi will need it,thanks

  25. shanowesi says:

    shanowesi :
    Preparing is my only work.

    My life is near electronic.

  26. Piranha says:

    Obrigado pelo software

  27. KHETEX says:

    A very useful article big brother …
    Thank you so much.

  28. Hari Shankar Chourasia says:

    I see this site, this is very useful

  29. electronic circuit of gate open& closed

  30. David says:

    Just looking for a simple Electrical schematic drawing program. Store electrical circuits for aircraft wiring projects .
    For MAC

  31. chirag pragda says:

    famous :
    send me the software

  32. Thompson says:

    its good to find your site working well in support of those of us in dear need of urgent support

  33. hussam says:

    I am very interested with this software
    thank you

  34. honam says:

    Hi looking for a circuit diagram speed sensor or the magnetic method is to be combined with microcontroller programming, I appreciate your help

  35. hariganesh says:

    Nice job

  36. faiz albayaa says:

    ineed pic programmer circuit with software thank you for help

  37. olufola bunmi says:

    kindly send me PCB software

  38. sandun says:


  39. Itoro Akpan says:

    please send me the software… thanks immensely

  40. NITIN GADHIYA says:

    i want to download this software,

    please tell me , how can i do this ??

  41. bindhu says:

    i want programs for designing circuits of ECE 2-2 SEMISTER

  42. Dulanaka Navojith says:

    Send me the ic programing software plz,

  43. Isuru Dewpriya says:

    I am 13 years old boy.I like verry much to yours softers i take lot of things from that.
    I wish you all of them

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