3V Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Circuit TDA2822M

7805 5V 1A Regulated Power Supply with Overvoltage Protection Circuit

DIY simple low voltage dual power amplifier circuit TDA2822M

This is a simple low voltage stereo power amplifier circuit using single 8 pins IC. You can easily operate it using two battery cell. TDA2822M IC work within 1.8V to 15V. This can use for many applications like small battery powered radio, alarm, portable cassette player, headphone amplifier and more.3V Battery Powered Stereo  Amplifier Circuit TDA2822M

R1 4.7Ω 1/4W
R2 4.7Ω 1/4W
R3, R4 10kΩ stereo potentiometer
C1 470µF 16V
C2 470µF 16V
 C3 100µF 16V
C4 100µF 16V
C5 0.1µF
C6 0.1µF
C7 1µF 16V
C8 1µF 16V
C9 100µF 25V
IC1 TDA2822M
LS1 1W 4Ωspeaker
LS2 1W 4Ω speaker


TDA2822M is a monolithic integrated circuit in 8 lead Minidip package.

TDA2822M 3v stereo amplifier pin configuration

TDA2822M has Low crossover distortion, Supply voltage down to 1.8V, Low quiescent current and Bridge or Stereo configuration.

Speaker Output Power (each channel)
(f = 1kHz, d = 10%)
4Ω 3V 110mW
4Ω 4.5V 320mW
4Ω 6V 650mW
8Ω 6V 380mW
8Ω 9V 1000mw (1W)

R1, C6 and R2, C5 are resistor capacitor branch. They are connect between speaker out and ground to preventing oscillation and improving high frequency stability. C9 capacitor use for power supply filter.

This stereo power amplifier is very simple. because you can easily assemble it using vero board. Also TDA2822M amplifier can made very small and low cost. Additionally I use 3.5mm audio port for connecting portable device.

Battery Powered Amplifier TDA2822M DIY 3V Stereo Headphone Amplifier TDA2822M dual low voltage audio amplifier

Please send your ideas, which are very important for our success…

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25 comments on “3V Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Circuit TDA2822M
  1. m.yasir says:

    Circuit seems quite simple and useful

  2. Cassiano Hernandez Conzatti says:

    Thank you very much, it is precisely what I was looking for. Because, besides being an electronics engineer, I am a musician too, and I use to make recordings with my piano and accordion. Greetings to all members of this community.

  3. Eng. Sherif Bekhit says:

    Hi dear
    Very good pwer amp. very low parts circuit

  4. m says:

    Goods today
    Imees your more time
    Dot forget

  5. mahesh says:

    Circuit seems quite simple and useful

  6. Dharmendra gurjar says:

    Very Good simple power amplifier

  7. M says:

    شكرا على قبول الصداقة

  8. ravi jangra says:

    I wants to get informations about the projects of simple helicopter

  9. Gerald says:

    Can I use 5k stereo potentiometer…?

  10. I abubakar i.abdullahi i love engineering an i want 2 bé come ferpect engineer.a

  11. d.ranawaka says:

    i see this ic used for pocket radios.very good ,useful and low cost circuit for beginners.

  12. niyas says:

    What will happen, if some of the capacitors avoided and if input is purly ac (means no dc component is there or already filtered out).. I think Some capacitors act like filters, so amp output is frequency selective and the output’s bass-treble balance is not good.

  13. harsh says:


  14. John Padron says:

    Very nice build. How would one add a balance control and a tone control?

  15. Prabakaran says:

    i am build the circuit and it’s nice

  16. hamza hameed says:

    kia yai circuit bazar say mil IATA hai..

  17. Damien says:

    Could the components be replaced with all SMD components?

  18. Rajesh pt pranavam says:

    I like it,I was seeking for this circuit

  19. Ufuoma Obaruakpor says:

    Hi, please, I’m working on something similar to this, and I please need your input.
    Please, how did you arrive at these components values or which mathematics manipulation did you used to arrive at these values;

    R1 4.7O 1/4W
    R2 4.7O 1/4W
    R3, R4 10kO stereo potentiometer
    C1 470µF 16V
    C2 470µF 16V
    C3 100µF 16V
    C4 100µF 16V
    C5 0.1µF
    C6 0.1µF
    C7 1µF 16V
    C8 1µF 16V
    C9 100µF 25V
    IC1 TDA2822M
    LS1 1W 4Ospeaker
    LS2 1W 4O speaker

    Also, anyone who can help is welcome with suggestions.


  20. yawa2 says:

    how about LM386n???
    is it compatible ??
    how many volts do i used it??

  21. Prosper says:

    How can bass and treble control be added to this circuit?

  22. Majaha masuku says:

    Nice portable amp and its so lovel thanx for a simple and strait forward working circuit.keep it up !

  23. lalith pasidu says:

    I’m try for this but I have no idea about connecting potentio meter please help me…!

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