CD4060 Timer Circuit 1 minute to 2 hours

CD4060 IC Timer Circuit  1 min to 2 hours

CD4060 Timer Circuit 1 minute to 2 hours

This is a 1 minute to two-hour timer switch. The 14-stage binary ripple counter Type 4060, IC1, has an on-chip oscillator capable of stable operation over a relatively wide frequency range. In the present circuit, the oscillator frequency is determined by an external RC network connected to pins 9, 10 and 11.

CD4060 IC Timer Circuit  schematic 1 min to 2 hours

R1 2.2MΩ
R2 18KΩ
R3 1KΩ
R4 1KΩ
R5 1KΩ
R6 1MΩ
VR1 500KΩ (504)
C1 220nF (224)
C2 10nF (103)
D3 1N4001
Q1 BC547
IC1 CD4060
RL1 Relay

When the power is on, the pulse at junction R6-C2 resets the counter and counting starts. When the counter reaches bit 14 (Q13), pin 3 goes high so that the relay, a 9V type, is turned on via driver Q1.

CD4060 CMOS 14 Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter Divider Oscillator ic pin configuration


The time delay is set with the aid of VR1. Time delays of between one minute and two hours are possible by appropriate dimensioning of the timing components:

1-30 minutes: C1 = 220nF ; VR1 = 500KΩ.
1-60 minutes: C1 = 470nF ; VR1 = 500KΩ.
1-120 minutes: C1 = 470nF ; VR1 = 1MΩ.

The timer is powered by a 9V PP3 battery. Light-emitting diode D1 does not affect the operation of the circuit and is included merely to show that the timer works. Diode D1 and resistor R4 are , therefore, optional components.

CD4060 IC Timer Circuit with relay switch CD4060 IC Timer Circuit 01 min to 02 hours

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45 comments on “CD4060 Timer Circuit 1 minute to 2 hours
  1. madhu j jeyem says:

    thanks for circuit

  2. palitha says:

    thanks dear
    i want cct a 3 sec “on” & 4 min “off”.it will work 24 hrs,can u send me a one it will big help to me,thank’s bro,

  3. Ajay Kumar says:

    I want a timer which can work for 10 hour. please suggest

  4. Podgee says:

    To Jeevan, try using 16v capacitors or higher

  5. Lokanadhan says:

    In this circuit one led continously blinking and other LED blinks for some times ,but the supply given to the device will not cut off,whats the problem

  6. Dazy says:

    Nice circuit! I’m looking forward to make one timer like this, Thanks!

  7. mk says:

    plz dont forget me Ineed more
    thank for Electronic Circuits

  8. bryan says:

    Hello, Could you advise a suitable alternative to the BC547 transistor, which seems to be temporarily unavailable in the UK. I do have some BC548B transistors, will they work OK. Thanks.

  9. jeevan says:

    i am a very fresh guy for electronics. i tried to get the parts to try this circuit but the shopkeeper is asking the voltage for 220nF (224) & 220nF (224) capacitors. and also what is given in brackets for nf capacitors and VR1500KΩ (504)
    thank you brother for your circuit.

    • agis68 says:

      the capacitors you may use are not electrolytic but common capacitors (ceramics) These capacitors they (often) have no voltage limit and aren’t polarized….

      VR=Variable Resitor wich actually is any potentiometer or trimmer

  10. Sherif Bekhit says:

    very well
    thanks 4 all

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