CD4060 Timer Circuit 1 minute to 2 hours

CD4060 IC Timer Circuit  1 min to 2 hours

CD4060 Timer Circuit 1 minute to 2 hours

This is a 1 minute to two-hour timer switch. The 14-stage binary ripple counter Type 4060, IC1, has an on-chip oscillator capable of stable operation over a relatively wide frequency range. In the present circuit, the oscillator frequency is determined by an external RC network connected to pins 9, 10 and 11.

CD4060 IC Timer Circuit  schematic 1 min to 2 hours

R1 2.2MΩ
R2 18KΩ
R3 1KΩ
R4 1KΩ
R5 1KΩ
R6 1MΩ
VR1 500KΩ (504)
C1 220nF (224)
C2 10nF (103)
D3 1N4001
Q1 BC547
IC1 CD4060
RL1 Relay

When the power is on, the pulse at junction R6-C2 resets the counter and counting starts. When the counter reaches bit 14 (Q13), pin 3 goes high so that the relay, a 9V type, is turned on via driver Q1.

CD4060 CMOS 14 Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter Divider Oscillator ic pin configuration


The time delay is set with the aid of VR1. Time delays of between one minute and two hours are possible by appropriate dimensioning of the timing components:

1-30 minutes: C1 = 220nF ; VR1 = 500KΩ.
1-60 minutes: C1 = 470nF ; VR1 = 500KΩ.
1-120 minutes: C1 = 470nF ; VR1 = 1MΩ.

The timer is powered by a 9V PP3 battery. Light-emitting diode D1 does not affect the operation of the circuit and is included merely to show that the timer works. Diode D1 and resistor R4 are , therefore, optional components.

CD4060 IC Timer Circuit with relay switch CD4060 IC Timer Circuit 01 min to 02 hours

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  1. Sherif Bekhit says:

    very well
    thanks 4 all

  2. jeevan says:

    i am a very fresh guy for electronics. i tried to get the parts to try this circuit but the shopkeeper is asking the voltage for 220nF (224) & 220nF (224) capacitors. and also what is given in brackets for nf capacitors and VR1500KΩ (504)
    thank you brother for your circuit.

    • agis68 says:

      the capacitors you may use are not electrolytic but common capacitors (ceramics) These capacitors they (often) have no voltage limit and aren’t polarized….

      VR=Variable Resitor wich actually is any potentiometer or trimmer

  3. bryan says:

    Hello, Could you advise a suitable alternative to the BC547 transistor, which seems to be temporarily unavailable in the UK. I do have some BC548B transistors, will they work OK. Thanks.

  4. mk says:

    plz dont forget me Ineed more
    thank for Electronic Circuits

  5. Dazy says:

    Nice circuit! I’m looking forward to make one timer like this, Thanks!

  6. Lokanadhan says:

    In this circuit one led continously blinking and other LED blinks for some times ,but the supply given to the device will not cut off,whats the problem

  7. Podgee says:

    To Jeevan, try using 16v capacitors or higher

  8. Ajay Kumar says:

    I want a timer which can work for 10 hour. please suggest

  9. palitha says:

    thanks dear
    i want cct a 3 sec “on” & 4 min “off”.it will work 24 hrs,can u send me a one it will big help to me,thank’s bro,

  10. madhu j jeyem says:

    thanks for circuit

  11. hussain amur says:

    very nice ..thankuu

  12. Johan Högberg says:

    Thank you for a nice video.
    I have been trying with the 555 timer but I would need an “on” time of only one second, and a “off” time of 20 minutes. (or reverse), Is this possible with the 4060?
    Many thanks

  13. fukuchan says:

    how if i want to select 1minute? change the value of capacitor or what i should do??

  14. akhil says:

    Very very nice cct. Thank u……

  15. pj says:

    nice one..i got it,, i put 3 ceramic capacitor fot a long delay

  16. pj says:

    nice man…i got it

  17. chandni says:

    Thanks to you sir for CKT.

  18. sreekanth kv says:

    sir,, please say what is the output voltage??

  19. Siddhu says:

    Hai this ir circui is almost work my idea is laser security system please send for my gmail to the circuit

  20. hans says:

    Circuit works but not the reset wit 0.1uf and 100k
    You have an idea?

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  23. Udhaya says:

    one thing i would like to know about the circuit,
    let as assume that the counter is started and then we are disconnecting the battery, then we are connecting the battery again.
    now my doubt is at this stage whether counter will reset or continue from the dropped point

  24. Jean swizz says:

    THANKS I am good in electronics but I want to make this circuit in practice but I want to looking for internal structure of this integrated circuit really I need ur opinion

  25. Jean swizz says:

    of course I would like to know the internal structure of CD4060 TIMER CIRCUIT

  26. Juned says:

    what should i change in circuit for dont repeat a timre after complete timer & lock the output…i dont want to repeat the timer… please help.. i dont know this oscillator properly…

  27. Bill says:

    Hi — Hope you are still looking at this, I built the circuit as described and for the delay time it works perfectly, however after about the same amount of time as the delay time, it turns off and cycles like that. Delay 1 minute, relay goes on, wait another minute and it turns back off (pin 3 goes low), and this repeats, any idea on what I might have wrong or what I can do to keep it from turning back off?

    Thank you for your time and the circuit.

    • Avner says:

      need the timer to do only on cycle, immediate on then delay (15 min) and off and stay for at least 12h.
      Is it an option?
      if yes how?

  28. chandan kumar says:


  29. Bud Baine says:

    I have 20 led lights powered by 4aa (6v) batteries with a on off button. I would like the light to delay for 1 hour before it goes on.

  30. Abody says:

    very nice circuit , Thank you

  31. ASHOK PANDEY says:

    very use full circuit for me THANKYOU sir….

  32. manoj says:

    I am manoj like the electronic

  33. FAUDHI MSAFIRI says:

    thanx ma friend for this knowledge you have given to me

  34. altacbori says:

    What is the relay for, it doesn’t seem to be used at all.

  35. Vibhakaran says:

    Nice and simple circuit. Thank you

  36. Srinivasreddy says:

    What is 470 nf capacitor

  37. Srinivasreddy says:

    What is the capacitor of 470nf , details please

  38. negash says:

    i wann to work time delay off only using rasistor & capacitor can you help me thanks

  39. GG says:

    This looks like a nice project to try i am new to this is there a strip board layout of the timer that i can follow. Thanks

  40. Brutus says:

    If we need a time delay of 24 hours, can we use the same ic for it? if so how to do it?

  41. Benjamin says:

    hi, i have 3 questions long the bell or any device to relay will ring?
    2.this circuit will automatically start counting after its first perfomance? it possible to regulate 3 minutes?

  42. Mohammad says:


  43. Mohammad says:


  44. Himanshu says:

    sir i want a circuit works on same concept but just for one cycle means when i activate the circuit its change the relay state only for once please help

  45. benjamin says:

    this tutorial video is it for this circuit truly coz the components values are different according to the circuit diagram shown before the starting

  46. KAUSHIK says:

    good day

    I need a 10min on delay timer circuit diagram.can u hel

  47. CME says:

    i want it off for 1 hour then on, how would i get it to do that

  48. Hi Nise Day
    Ineed a 24 Hours Timer circuit Diagram.
    i like above 2Hours Timer. Thank You.

  49. bony says:

    so please i want that this can used automaticaly it mean that after a programig is reach a bit the systeme reply agan after the same time of silent. fink you

  50. Raymond Yutuc says:

    Hi! can I use this circuit to make a 2 minute auto off timer? Do i need to changed the Q3 connection in the diagram? Thank you very much.


    Good working but I want 1secund to 120minuits.please help me.thank you sir

  52. Dananjaya R says:

    This circuit is perfectly working. Just Now I checked and confirmed. This is really very important circuit as a timer Using two such circuit lot of things can be done. Many thanks.

  53. darshana says:

    very good

  54. ed says:

    where can I put a reset swich to start operation once again?thanks

  55. Ed says:

    I added one diode between pin 3 and pin 11 of 4060 so it is not keep repeating itself.Cos I wanted to use as ”delay off” timer.I of course used NC end of relay for that purpose.

    • ASWATH GANESAN says:

      Ed how to place the diode between pin 3 and pin 11 of 4060 (anode and cathode position of the diode) does it works without repeating?

  56. ASWATH GANESAN says:

    where can I put a reset swich to start operation once again

  57. Bryan says:

    I have built six of these timers to work side by side to independently time the use of six radio controlled model boats for a period of 5 minutes. I’ve used a multiturn pot as part of the RC network connected to pins 9, 10 and 11 of the 4060. Despite this, it is difficult to get them all set to the same time period. Therefore I’d like to use a single 555 timer and send its Pin 3 output pulses to Pin 11 on all the 4060 chips. Can I just join them all up or do I need some buffering resistors or diodes in the connections to the 4060 chips to prevent interactions or excess current flow? The operating supply voltage for the 4060s and the 555 will be the same at 12v. Thanks.

  58. hafeez says:

    sir i want to timer cct that every hour 5 min on 50 min off every hour repeted conteneu kindly please help me

  59. Max says:

    I can’t find a transistor named only BC 547, I always have to choose between A, B, C. I tried this circuit 2 time with BC 547 B and it always destroyed the transistor cause it’s got much to hot. What am I doing wrong?

  60. Facundo says:

    Which is the expression of the time constant for timer/monostable mode?

  61. Jagdish says:

    Please this curcit releted video uplode. my curcit in only 1 led blink.i am not include relay.

  62. Suleman Habib says:

    I want a circuit that shut down after time count

  63. René says:

    It’s unclear for me whether the relay is activated AFTER 1 min to 30 min, or the relay is activated DURING 1-30 min once powered. Please inform me.
    Problem is that I compared for 10 times my wiring with your schema and nothing happens. The relay (9V) is never activated regardless of VR1 value, and LED D2 remains OFF.
    What I need is a timer for activating a relay during 30 min and then stops.
    Please help.

  64. Riyaz says:

    I make this circuit and I
    Can not find time delay according to my desire when I make this and find only 6min maximum time delay,so please suggest me that what should I do for 30min time delay please.

  65. Kim Sleep says:

    I would like to include this circuit in a project that I am currently putting together for Instructables.
    Is there a possibility of me referencing to this Page in my project description?

  66. Maddha Akarson says:

    Is it possible to use the function of deactivation of the relay after time counting by ic cd4060 instead of powerd on?

  67. Clayton Benignus says:

    I note that the 4060 is powered with 3-15 volts of input via pins 8, 12, and 16. It has several outputs, i.e. pins 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,13,14, and 15. At the proper time, depending upon the Resistors and Capacitors attached to pins 9,10, and 11, each of the outputs will go on.
    Question 1) What will be the output voltage.
    Question 2) Is there a correlation between input and output voltage, i.e. would Vo = k * Vi ?
    Question 3) If several of the output pins are on, will that diminish the voltages, and if so how?

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