PIC Programmer

PIC Programmer Circuit diagram

Following uJDM PIC programmer  circuit is a circuit which suitable to do simple pic16f84, pic16f84A, 16c84, 16f628 group programmer.

pic16f84-16f84a-16c84-16f628-programmer circuit

R1 10KΩ
R2 3.3KΩ
R3 15KΩ
C1 100µF 16V
Z1 5.1V Zener
Q1 BC547
PIC PIC16F84,PIC16F84A, 16C84, 16F628
Rs232 RS232 Femail Connector
IC Base 18 pin ic base for PIC

BC547  Transistor Pin Configuration

  • Using IC base for PIC
  • Connect the PIC programmer to 1st or 2nd COM PORT of computer by using RS232 wire.
  • USE MPLAB AND IC-PROG (or any ic programming software) to program PIC with this PIC Programmer.
PIC16F84A Microcontroller

PIC16F84A Micro Controller


lease send your ideas, which are very important for our success…

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46 comments on “PIC Programmer
  1. SOLOMON ADAH says:

    you guys are great, thanks for helping me out!

    • hamza says:

      thinks, but do i have to use a RS323 cable, i did make this circuit , but i used a femelle db9, directlly to my com port
      do the led have to light up, when i connect my boadr to the comport , or she indecate the reading and writing operation, how i can configurate my ic prog ??

  2. Arup Basak says:

    very thanks, but I cannot fing PIC ic’s in local store

  3. Divon says:

    I like progemms with pic16f84a pleszzz tch me web seit plezz

  4. kalsara says:

    Wow … its a very simple thing. thanks, what a great share

    Its very nice to get help from a SRI LANKAN website. 🙂

    thanx again and again.

  5. Nameless says:

    Can I connect this nice programmer to an USB port with an adapter?

    • Femi Adeyemo says:

      I am an electronics hobbyist & researcher.all the circuit ideas are interesting & practicable.My area of interest:pic microcontroller programming, inverter,CCTV,solar power & remote control. Thanks

  6. Badr-Ess says:

    aim going to build my own programmer from here LOL but i want to look to project working good because i had buy the componements of this programmer. Thanks bro for your help!

  7. HSNGomaa says:

    Thanks to you, it’s excellent .

  8. minesh says:

    its really good and helpful for the person, who learn the circuit.

    tell how will do the programming through my pc? is it possible and yes then how?


  9. actually i want a circuit diagram of the line follower based on 16f84a so any one have then please send me……..

  10. saeed says:

    thank you for sharing .

  11. Ayman says:


    thank you for sharing, actually I built this programmer but it gives inaccurate results, it stops after the second or first line of hex data and through an error stating that the data in the PIC is reading different than it should, your help is highly appreciated

  12. AJAY says:

    I Have allready tried this circuit but this circuit shows error message after verification like this “0h00 address error” plz send me the solution of this error……

  13. electro says:

    can it programme PIC 16F628A?

  14. Skystarbd says:

    I need a 16f877 PIC programer, i will use this programer to programming this pic?

  15. rasika says:

    Can I connect this nice programmer to USB port with an adapter or have another circuit for USB ?
    please send me that circuit.thanx.

  16. rasika says:

    Can I connect this to USB port with an adapter or have another circuit for USB ?
    please send me that circuit.thanx.

  17. James says:

    can i use the PIC16F54 with this programmer? and can i replace the resistor 3.3k with some close value?

  18. Xanthic says:

    Thank you. Its working well….

  19. thilna says:

    can i programme PIC16f57 chip using this ..

  20. many thanks. a nice saturday afternoon project.

  21. sanmlight says:


    I built this circuit and i have a little problem with the led. It’s already lit even i havent not programming the pic, and when i start loading there is no activity with the led. Can you help me with this problem?

    It is working great only the led is my problem.

    Mike L

  22. sanmlight says:

    electro :
    can it programme PIC 16F628A?

    yes with noy error. i slready used it my only problem is the led…

  23. divyanshu says:

    please give me the burner circuit for pic16f72microcontroller.

  24. JoeBleaux says:

    Why is +5V connected to the RS-232 ground pin?

    What am I missing?

  25. DzidzaC says:

    It’s working, thanks! 🙂 I’ve used Winpic800 software though 🙂

  26. Heather says:

    I tend to go along with every little thing that is composed within “PIC Programmer”.
    I am grateful for all of the actual tips.Regards-Dominga

  27. Pedro Ayala says:

    Question: if pic 16F628 can be programmed with this device, it also can be programmed the 16F627?

  28. OATH says:

    Thanks for the info here. But please, i have built this circuit in accordance to the circuit diagram but still I can’t achieve the result. Is there a particular OS perculiar to the programmer to work properly? Pls your urgent intervention is needed. Thanks

  29. DzidzaC says:

    This programmer also works with PIC16F88. I have just tested it into my little toy robot, and haven’t had any problems 🙂

    • DzidzaC says:

      EDIT: it may be used for programming 16F88, but that MCU may become unrecognized by the programmer if certain prerequisites aren’t met:
      1. avoid using internal oscilator
      2. dont use !MCLR as input pin
      3. avoid using RB6 and RB7 as outputs

      you should clear LVP bit in config bits as well

  30. OMOTAYO YEMI B says:

    Pls i need a role model on circuitry engineering thanks

  31. M Ahmed says:

    I Need PIC18F452 Programmer Schematic Ckt

  32. JCAS_BR says:

    Thanks! Worked like a charm!

    I use linux and it worked perfectly with picprog.

  33. marten says:

    Can someone help me please.i have pic16f877a .how to make a programming circuit.

  34. abhishek patil says:

    my programmer is not detected by pc i connected it via re232 port com1 plz rply me….

  35. Dello says:

    Hi , i know that’s too late to write this but iwas googling for jdm programmer and i fond this schema but i was wondering where is the GND of DB9 pin 5 i think there is an error on.
    Vdd pin 14 ==> Gnd pin 5 RS232

  36. rabii says:

    Hi dont work at win xp sp3 ‘verify failed at address 0000h !’
    Can you help me plz ?

  37. kapila subasingha says:

    plece like to learn pic progamin

  38. sooraj says:

    will this circuit work for pic16f877a.???and will this programmer compatible with usb to serial cable???i dont have rs232 port

  39. ismael saed says:

    can i replace zener diode with ic7805

  40. rahul says:

    i need with pic16f505 plz help me

  41. Saheed says:

    please help with pic16f876A programmer

  42. Saheed mustopha says:

    pic16f876 programmer pls

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  4. Quora says:

    Can I program a PIC microcontroller with my breadboard? Without a burner I mean.

    well u can create a burner from ur breadboard :http://www.electronicecircuits.com/electronic-circuits/pic-programmer

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