TDA2002 Power Amplifier Circuit

tda2002 power amplifier

8w Car Radio Audio Amplifier

The TDA2002 and TDA2002A are integrated circuit amplifiers specially designed for use in car radios, where the adverse electrical environment places great demands upon the reliability of circuits.

tda2002 tda2002a 4w amplifier for radio using car battery circuit

R1 220Ω
R2 2.2Ω
C1 10µF 16v
C2 470µF 16V
C3 100n
C4 1000µF 25V
C5 100n
C6 100µF 25V
IC1 TDA2002
RL 10W 4Ω

The supply voltage may be anywhere between +8 and +18V, and the IC will accept transient voltage peaks of up to 28V without damage. The IC can supply a short-circuit output current of 3.5 A and 15W of power at a case temperature of 90°C. At a supply voltage of 14.4V (fully-chargerd battery ) the maximum output power isat least 4.8W, and typically 5.2W into a 4Ω load.


The IC will, in fact, drive load impedances as low as 2Ω, in which case the maximum output power is at least 7W and typically 8W. The above power figugures are all measured at 10% distortion, but obviously at lower output powers the distortion is much less (Typically 0.2% ). In the circuit shown the gain of the amplifier is 100, determined by the radio of R1 and R2.

tda2002-tda2002a 4w power amplifier ic

The heatsink for the IC should be 45 sq. cm of 3 mm thick aluminium, or a commercial heatsink of 8°C/W ( or less) thermal resistance may used.

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