TTL Crystal Oscillator Schematic

TTL Crystal Oscillator Schematic circuit

TTL Crystal Oscillator Schematic

A circuit using one 7400 TTL IC can use crystals of the fundamental type, from 1 to about 15MHz.

TTL Crystal Oscillator circuit diagram

R1 470Ω
R2 470Ω
R3 1kΩ
C1 0.01µF (103)
C2 0.01µF (103)
IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4 7400 or 74LS00
XTAL Crystal (from 1 to about 15MHz)

The circuit above shows a series resonant oscillator circuit, using TTL NAND GATES.

Don’t use 74HCT00 type IC. HCT type will not work, because this type is too fast.

Output is rich in harmonics, making this oscillator useful for calibrations and test applications.

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