Variable Power Supply 0-24V

Variable Power Supply 0-24V

The circuit described here is of an economical smooth variable power supply which offers 0V to 24V. It provides all controls and short circuit protection with acceptable regulation and a ripple free supply and yet uses very few components.

The transformer used is a readily available 12V-0-12V, 2A type connected at the end terminals for 24V, 1A output. After rectification and filtering, a constant reference voltage is obtained by the 24V, 500mW zener diode.

Variable Power Supply 0-24V circuit diagram

R1 1kΩ  0.5W
R2 820Ω  0.5W
R3 0.6Ω  1W
VR1 470Ω  LIN
VR3 10Ω 1W
C1 2200µF 50V
C2 200µF 50V
D1 5A Diode Bridge
D2 2A Diode
D3 24V 500mw zener
T1 2N 3055
T2 SL 100
T3 BC 148B
X1 SEC 24V, 1AMP

The pots used for voltage variation are 23mm carbon-film linear type and for current limit 10 ohm, 1w wirewound type is used. All the components can be connected on a group board. Necessary heatsinks should be provided for both SL100 and 2N3055.

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