Mini Ring Core Calculator Program

mini Ring-core calculator program software

Mini Ring Core Calculator Program

Program T-type and FERRO magnetic, which is not more tipde transformer for the calculation can do (Iron Powder Cores (AMIDON), Unknown Cores, Air Cores, Ferrite Cores (AMIDON), Ring Cores from EPCOS, Ring Cores from Ferroxcube (Philips))


  • Determining and Permeability µi of Unknown Cores
  • Resonant Circuits
  • Calculating Resistance of Copper Wire
  • Conversion Inch <-> Meter, AWG -> mm, °F -> °C

Who needs such a calculator? – Radio amateurs, who are still home brewing.

You need a certain inductance and looking for the corresponding number of turns.

Well, looking for the AL-Value in a table (but where was it?) – and found it.

But what about the formula?

Again searching.

Not found or if you did, which units to use?

Is a T50-2 red or yellow?

This program has all these answers and even more.

mini Ring-core calculator program software Mini Ring Core Calculator Program tools


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  1. Sichan says:

    very very tanks .

  2. Daniel Crespo says:

    Dear colleague,
    Excelent program, many thanks.


    Daniel Crespo

  3. John says:

    Looks good will try out asap

  4. mohamed says:

    Thanks alot
    just perfect

  5. Aca says:

    Very useful program,thank you.

  6. yo3ilc says:

    ok..10 perfect

  7. SP2YO says:


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