Parabola Calculator for Satellite Dish Antenna Design

Parabola Calculator for Parabolic Satellite Dish Antenna Design

This Freeware program was written to help you design solar collector or wifi projects using parabolic reflectors. This program calculates the focal length and (x, y) coordinates for a parabola of any diameter and depth. It can help you determine what size and shape to make your parabola very quickly. Version 2 includes Wifi calculations for centered or offset feedhorn dishes.


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18 comments on “Parabola Calculator for Satellite Dish Antenna Design
  1. STLP says:

    ……very good…..

    Thank you … too.

  2. toni says:

    thanks for informaiton

  3. issa says:

    Thanks so much i will use this informatins

  4. comcak thailand says:

    thank you

  5. hand656 says:

    terima kasih…..

  6. hand656 says:

    i found you

  7. adam says:


  8. chalenger says:

    Ese programa ha sido optimizado.
    pueden encontrarlo aqui:

    espero que les sirva.

  9. abdul says:

    terimakasih untuk infonya….

  10. Mohammad says:

    Thank you very much this program helped me a lot with my offset dish.

    Note: i worked with 3 offset dishes and with this program they were accurate to 0.5″ of the original place of the LNB, but with using other methods like mirror method all LNB arms on the dishes were short of 2″ to 2.5″

  11. babak jowkar says:

    very good ……

  12. saeed says:

    tank you so much for this calculate satellite ….

  13. john k says:

    V2 is great.

    PS Dishes can be re-purposed for all sorts of RF including mobile data, so maybe the WIFI heading on the V2 GUI is not needed?

  14. Roger says:

    Your download as of 2/3/217 is for an old version of the program that does not accept offset dishes.

  15. Roger says:

    My mistake…it does accept offset dishes. Sorry!

  16. siri prasert says:


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