Resistor Color Code and SMD Calculator Software

Resistor Color Code and SMD Calculator Coder Software

Resistor Color Code and Surface Mount Device (SMD) Calculator Software

Resistor Color Coder is a free desktop application that has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of electronics enthusiasts. 🙂

4 or 5 band Leaded-Type Resistor Color Coder

This calculator quickly determines 4 or 5 band resistor values and tolerances. It can be used to encode resistance values into color codes, or to decode resistor color codes into resistance values.

Surface Mount Device (SMD) Markings Decoder

Surface Mount Device (SMD) Markings Code Decoder Calculator Software

This SMD Markings Evaluator will decode 3 marking types:

  • Standard 3 or 4 digit markings that can include “R” to indicate a decimal point.
    Examples: 330 3R3 4703
  • EIA-96 1% markings with a number in the range 01 to 96, followed by a letter
    Examples: 22A 68C 02F
  • 2, 5, and 10% markings with a letter, followed by a numbers in the range 01 to 60
    Examples: A22 C58 F59

E-Series Standard Resistance Values

Standard resistor values are listed for E-12, E-24,
E-48, E-96 and E-192 Series.


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