4046 Ten Times Frequency Multiplier Circuit

Ten Times 10X Frequency Multiplier

CD4046 Ten Times 10× Frequency Multiplier Circuit

For 1Hz to 1KHz input range, we design a VCO to cover 10Hz to 10KHz, with some extra range on each end. the VCO output is divided by 10 and then compared to the input signal using the wideband phase detector. The phase-detector output goes to the loop filter and then reaches around and closes the loop by running the VCO.

Ten Times 10X Frequency Multiplier Circuit

R1 100kΩ
R2 10kΩ
R3 6.8kΩ
C1 1µF
C2 0.01µF
IC1 4046
IC2 7490

In this circuit, the CD4046 is set up so that the VCO operates at 10Hz 10 10KHz. The output pin (4) is fed back to a ÷10 counter.

CD4046BC micropower Phase Locked Loop 4046 pin configuration

4046 PIN Configuration

When the input frequency is 1/10 the output, lockup will occur.

Ten Times 10X Frequency Multiplier circuit 4046 7490 555 Ten Times 10X Frequency Multiplier 7490 SN74LS90N 7490N BINARY COUNTER IC pin configuration

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  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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  3. hvhai says:

    please,post circuit IC 555.thank

  4. M Owais Khan says:

    Is this circuit also for audio signals??

  5. Nenie says:

    the cap across the batetry is a tank it is there to assur that the ripple current is not affected by the internal resistance of the batetrythe cap across the 7805 is a discharge cap, and it reduces ripple voltage Was this answer helpful?

  6. net1ders says:

    Hi, I would Like to get the schematics of PWM circuit operating a 20 Ghz frequency 1200 v DC. With an input of 12v DC

  7. Mike says:

    Will this circuit operate on +12V as well?

  8. minhak says:

    isn’t it posible when Finput is pluse circuit?

  9. amartansh says:

    i want to use 4046 ic for wireless fm demodulation….but the problem is that maximum free running frequency available with any such ic is only 2Mhz…at this frequency, antenna length required will be very high……i want to demodulate fm of around 50Mhz…plz suggest suitable pll ic for that

  10. Nerijus says:

    Is it possible to this diagram somewhere put potenciometer or something like that to make input signal not 10 times bigger but 2, 3 times.. it would the best if it can be variable with potenciometer.


  11. bhavya says:

    sir could you please tell me how to set the CD4046 to get 900MHz frequency for input 10MHz frequency

  12. cesar says:

    How cann i find the CD40456 circuit or spice file6

  13. 4G Booster says:

    Very cool design i am looking for this kind of circuit to generate 2600 Mhz (2.6 Ghz) of frequency for LNA RF amplifier

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