Battery Charge Nominal Discharge Indicator Circuit

Battery Charge Discharge Nominal indicator

12V Battery Charge Nominal Discharge (Low) Indicator Circuit

This circuit monitors car battery voltage. It provides an indication of nominal supply voltage as well as low or high voltage.

Battery Charge Nominal Discharge Low Indicator Circuit Diagram

R1 1.5kΩ
R2 1.5kΩ
R3 1kΩ
R4 1.5kΩ
R5 1.5kΩ
R6 10kΩ
R7 10kΩ
VR1 10kΩ Preset
VR2 10kΩ Preset
D1 Green LED
D2 Yellow LED
D3 Red LED
IC1 LM741
IC2 LM741



VR1 and VR2 adjust the point at which the red, yellow and green LEDs are on or off. For example the red LED comes on at below 10V, and the green LED at above 12V. The yellow LED is on between these values.

Circuit adjustment:
Turn both presets to ground side (anticlockwise) . Then Gives 10v to this circuit using adjustable power supply and adjust VR2 to yellow led comes on. Again gives 12v to circuit and adjust VR1 to green led comes on.

12v battery charge indicator Battery Charge Discharge Nominal indicator Charge Discharge Nominal indicator design Car 12V battery status indicator circuit

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18 comments on “Battery Charge Nominal Discharge Indicator Circuit
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  9. Iqbal says:

    It is OK but there is one problem. It only show the actual Battery voltage level when battery is disconnected from Charger. When it is conected to charge then the charger voltage (like 14v) appear on circuit terminal so it will show that voltage.

    I need a circuit will show the charge status during charging(i.e the chrger connected to battery).

    Please anyone can helf me?

  10. mike.o says:

    What is value of vr1andvr2. And their function

  11. fratie says:

    Over 15.5 volts is degraded battery supravoltata green lights but will be red, but how? Thank you!

  12. fratie says:

    How modify, green and red indicate as above 15.5 volts battery voltage is considered too high

  13. manoy says:

    How did you come up with those values of R1 up to R5?

  14. saurabh says: to add charger..

  15. Mazwi says:

    I think it is safer to allow a higher voltage(say 12.6v) or so for the ‘battery full’ status to avoid undercharging it as this may lead to a faster degradation of it.

  16. Dyna-Tech says:

    Using a Dual or quad comparator’s, eliminates the use of two 741 comparator’s. It saves cost and makes connections easy.

  17. perfect, it works fine
    Good morning!

  18. Cristian says:

    This schematic will not work because there is no comparator. Modify the schematic and add both pin 3(non-inverting) to a zenner diode and a resistor. The resistor it is for limiting the current trough zenner.
    First test the schematic local, then post. By doing this you limit the bad info from internet.

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