Battery Charge Nominal Discharge Indicator Circuit

Battery Charge Discharge Nominal indicator

12V Battery Charge Nominal Discharge (Low) Indicator Circuit

This circuit monitors car battery voltage. It provides an indication of nominal supply voltage as well as low or high voltage.

Battery Charge Nominal Discharge Low Indicator Circuit Diagram

R1 1.5kΩ
R2 1.5kΩ
R3 1kΩ
R4 1.5kΩ
R5 1.5kΩ
R6 10kΩ
R7 10kΩ
VR1 10kΩ Preset
VR2 10kΩ Preset
D1 Green LED
D2 Yellow LED
D3 Red LED
IC1 LM741
IC2 LM741



VR1 and VR2 adjust the point at which the red, yellow and green LEDs are on or off. For example the red LED comes on at below 10V, and the green LED at above 12V. The yellow LED is on between these values.

Circuit adjustment:
Turn both presets to ground side (anticlockwise) . Then Gives 10v to this circuit using adjustable power supply and adjust VR2 to yellow led comes on. Again gives 12v to circuit and adjust VR1 to green led comes on.

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