LM1036 Stereo Tone Controller Circuit

lm1036 Tone Volume Balance controller lm1036n

LM1036 Stereo Tone ( Bass, Treble, Volume, Loudness, Balance ) Controller Circuit

The LM1036 is a DC controlled tone (bass/treble), volume and balance circuit for stereo applications in car radio, TV and audio systems.

This stereo tone controller circuit uses mono controller to controlling tone.


  • Wide supply voltage range, 9V to 16V
  • Large volume control range, 75 dB typical
  • Tone control, ±15 dB typical
  • Channel separation, 75 dB typical
  • Low distortion, 0.06% typical for an input level of 0.3Vrms
  • High signal to noise, 80 dB typical for an input level of0.3 Vrms
  • Few external components required

lm1036 Tone bass treble loudness Volume Balance controller circuit lm1036n


R1 47kΩ
R2 47kΩ
R3 47kΩ
R4 47kΩ
VR1 47kΩ
VR2 47kΩ
VR3 47kΩ
VR4 47kΩ
C1 47µF 25V
C2 0.47µF
C3 0.01µF (103)
C4 0.22µF (224)
C5 10µF 25V
C6 0.39µF (394)
C7 0.22µF (224)
C8 10µF 25V
C9 0.47µF
C10 0.01µF (103)
C11 0.39µF (394)
C12 10µF 25V
C13 0.22µF (224)
C14 10µF 25V
C15 10n (103)
C16 0.22µF (224)
IC1 LM1036N
S1 Switch

Four control inputs provide control of the bass, treble, balance and volume functions through application of DC voltages from a remote control system or, alternatively, from four potentiometers which may be biased from a zener regulated supply provided on the circuit.

LM1036 Dual DC Operated Tone Volume Balance lm1036n IC

Each tone response is defined by a single capacitor chosen to give the desired characteristic. By changing the values of capacitor connected to tone controlling unit, you can control bass and treble levels. pin 3 and pin 18 of IC are for treble and pin 6 and pin 15 for bass.

LM1036 Dual DC Operated Tone Volume Balance lm1036n IC pin configuration

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8 comments on “LM1036 Stereo Tone Controller Circuit
  1. Johan says:

    Is there a PCB layout available for this circuit?

  2. arun p radh says:

    can you please sujjest an audio processor that can be controlled by micro controller?

  3. srinath ranasinghe says:

    this circuit fault because boom sound

  4. amir says:

    hi there , i’v made this circuit according diagram with 103 & 394 for
    pins: 3; 18; 6 & 15 . but i’m not satisfy because the voice is not prefect .
    i want to change them for better sound ,if not i’ll try for tda .
    wish u success .

  5. cyrus says:

    try to make a pcb
    layout, it so simple

  6. cyrus says:

    boom sound its depend upon mounting of capacitor and resistors

  7. Di2 says:

    Good Good..!

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