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Transistor Amplifier Circuits Designer Software Download

TransistorAmp BJT Transistor Amplifier Circuits Designer Software

For the design of transistor amplifiers there is a new software available: TransistorAmp. With TransistorAmp you are able to create your individual transistor amplifier with a few mouse clicks. TransistorAmp is freeware.

The tool TransistorAmp has a very easy to use user interface. You start every design with the menu item “New Amplifier”. In the pull-down-menu you choose your desired circuit. You can choose between,

  • common-base-circuit
  • common-emitter-circuit
  • common-collector-circuit

After that you get a dialog, where you have to put in all parameters of your amplifier.

For the selection of the transistor type you can click on the button “Select transistor type from list”, and you will see a list of all supported transistor types. TransistorAmp supports some thousand transistor types. Select your desired transistor type there and click on OK. The selected transistor type will then be displayed in the dialog.

transistorAmp transistor amplifier circuits design software download

When you have completed your input in the dialog, you click on OK and see the result. You see a window with your input data, the circuit, the component values and the most important parameters of the operation point. If you want to change your design, you only need to click again on “New Amplifier” and the circuit in the pull-down-menu. The input data, which have given will be restored to the input dialog, and you can change one or more parameters.

When you are satisfied with the result, you can click on “Result – Save”. TransistorAmp saves all data which is displayed in the result window to a HTML-file. You can open this file with a browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer), inspect it and print it.


transistor common base circuit design software transistor common emitter circuit designer software transistor common collector circuits design

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